We Are BWC

BWC is a place of grace where everyone is welcomed. We would love to welcome your family to church next week. We teach and apply the Bible to life. We are a church that exists to know Christ and make him known. We have opportunities for each member of your household to enjoy themselves as they encounter God through the Bible and other people just like you.

Join us at BWC and you'll experience:

    Biblical and Applicable teaching.
    Genuine and adoring worship.
    Great children's and  youth ministries.
    Engaging small groups for developing Christ centered relationships.
    Local and global outreach opportunities.

We believe that Jesus Christ is restoring broken people every day. This is why you will often hear us refer to BWC as a hospital, a place where we are all patients at various stages of recovery and healing.  We also believe that no one is beyond repair. The starting point to becoming whole is when a person puts his or her trust in Jesus Christ. As we learn to daily depend on Christ and one another, our lives are changed for the better and forever.