We all have a story.

But what’s really exciting is that our stories are written by God. Whether we’re talking about our whole life story or just a moment in time, God’s handprint, his planning is everywhere. If we aren’t sensitive to the Holy Spirit, if we write off God-Incidences as happenstance, if we don’t take the time to look back at the ah-ha moments, and look eagerly forward to where and how God will show up next, we miss out!

Of course, just like life, our stories can unfold through deep pain and suffering. The picture isn’t always pretty, the road isn’t always smooth, and the journey can be very messy. Regardless, God speaks to us and teaches us through our stories. And the glory belongs to Him!

We are working on adding some of these God stories from folks here at BWC. Please check back to this page in the near future and see what amazing New things God is doing in this Old church.