F.I.R.E. Groups

We have a new small groups ministry called F.I.R.E. Groups. (See below for the vision of this ministry)

We want to extend to you an invitation to turn up the heat in your relationship with Christ and with one another by joining one of these groups. We are trusting God to raise the temperature of our walk with Him as we watch God do amazing things in the lives of the people of BWC. We hope to eventually have groups meeting off campus almost everyday of the week. We will have groups for folks in all walks of life.

They are open for you to join at anytime. 

Please contact Pastor Kelly if you want more information about this ministry or meeting locations for the groups.  


We are focused on helping people cultivate Christ centered relationships in a small group environment. Through these relationships, friendships will be strengthened and an authentic walk with Christ will be encouraged.  We’re not real formal but we are structured and organized.   


We believe strongly that our walk with Christ is best when we intentionally take time out of our busy schedules to gather together as part of God’s family and discuss the things of God.

Let’s face it, you can’t have a conversation with 200 people or even 20 people, but you can with 6 or 10.  This leads us to believe that it is really hard to learn how to love your neighbor as yourself unless you are involved in a small group of some kind.


Most people who have been a part of a small group say the greatest benefit is the close relationships and friendships that develop. They will frequently call each other during the week to share an urgent prayer request or exciting news. You´ll discover that your needs and problems are not unique — we’re all in the same boat. You don’t need a lot of friends in life, but you do need a few good ones, and you will find those solid, supportive friendships in a BWC  F.I.R.E. group.


Our F.I.R.E. groups are fun and flexible. You get to meet new people in an array of enjoyable learning environments. Your group might meet in a library, at a coffee shop, in a park, in a restaurant, inside, outside, or in a home. Wherever they gather you are sure to enjoy getting together on a regular basis. We feel so strongly that you will enjoy your experience in small groups that we are offering a *money back guarantee if not enjoyably satisfied. Get in touch with Pastor Kelly and get plugged in right away.    

 *It’s free to join, so we are pretty confident on that money back guarantee part!!!